Playful Living services can be customized to meet the needs of anyone.

Example frameworks include:

Individual coaching 

Business consulting


Company retreats



Consider Playful Living for you or your community if:

You are a company that wants to create a more positive work environment.

You want your training programs to be more fun & engaging.

You are a summer camp or educational group that wants to create new activities and invigorate your existing programming.

You would like to have fun & enriching company retreats.

You are searching for tools to overcome creative blocks and gather inspiration for your work or personal life.

You would like to boost innovation in your company.

You want to enhance your learning experiences.

You are a perfectionist looking to learn to let go of unproductive tendencies and have healthier relationships with your skills interests and hobbies.

You seek tools for enhancing meaning in your everyday actions.

You would like to learn obscure and seemingly esoteric skills that are really fun & actually have practical value.

You would like to learn common skills in a method that puts enjoyment first while explaining what makes it a practical priority.

You’re simply curious & seeking inspiration and stimulation.

Playful Living is for everyone— individuals and groups of people of all ages. Playful Living can be applied to a wide range of fields, for a wide range of stated outcomes.